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movement: wasd or, w or for up, A or for left, S or for down, D or for right. Auto Fire: Press E to turn on Auto Fire - the tank will shoot continuously without the need to hold the mouse down. 2.23 Transaction Fees: the costs associated with the Payment Transaction. In no case does SNV pay interest on the balance of the E-Wallet. In the event of fraud, intentional or subsequent to serious negligence of the User, or breach of the user's use contract, the User is responsible for all losses suffered by SNV as a result of / or in connection with these actions. Changes will take effect 14 days after the change has been announced on the SNV Technical Platform, unless stipulated otherwise.

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Webcam service: a service offered by the Performer on SNV's technical platform. After this notification this Performer's Agreement and the right to use the Electronical Services and the SNV Payment rencontre femme portugaise évry Services will terminate immediately upon receipt of the notification.

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